Online Money or making money online is not a easy thing but there are also many ways to earn money. But You have to work hard to earn lots of money online. But there are some other ways where you can earn easily and sometimes doing nothing. So today in this post we are going to inform about an App (for both Android and iOS) from where you can earn money while walking on the Road or any where You want to talk more. The App is known as “BitWalking”¬†, by using this App You can earn money decent amount of money while walking.earn money while walking

You can 1BW$ by walking 10,000 steps ( Almost 5 Kms) per day and 1BW$ is equivalent to $1. You can spent these BW$ coins through App’s official store or You can transfer it directly to your Bank Account .This is App is developed by¬†Franky Imbesi and Nissan Bahar. These services are still under development process but you can still use these apps to make money by walking. But sadly You can’t able to make lots of money with this App but You can earn extra amount of money. And if you have to walk more on the daily basic then You definitely should use this app. This App will not disappoint You at all. This is available for both Android and iOS users and You can find it easily on Play Store and as well as App Store.

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So why are You waiting for Download the Bitwalking App and earn money while walking. You want to know more ways to earn money then You should visit our Money Making section and You can also subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

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