Reliance Industries Limited, Chairman, and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani have announced new feature phone or intelligent phone i.e Jio Phone. The new phone will target 50 crores feature- phone users in the country and it will offer free voice calls and SMS to customers. So here we are going to inform that How to buy Jio Phone for Free ?
How to buy Jio Phone for FreeHe said, The Jio Phone would be available for an effective price Rs 0,” but customers would be required to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs 1,500 for three years for security reasons.

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“At a plan Rs 153 a month, it is only 3 percent of the existing price putting an end to unaffordable data for all Indians forever,” Ambani said and in order to fit every pocket, we are also introducing 2 sachets – a weekly plan for Rs 54 and a 2-day plan for Ts 24, that provide similar value.

“On the Jio Phone voice will always be free, second, the 50 crore feature phone users don’t even have access to the basic internet. I believe today every young Indian should have access to information at his fingertips and that is what the Jio Phone enables. To enable a digital life all to need access to data at affordable rates. So starting August 15 this year I am declaring digital freedom for all feature phone users. Jio will give them access to unlimited data on the Jio phone,” he further said.

The company has a target of making 5 million Jio Phones available every week. The phones would be “Made in India”, Ambani said.

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How to buy Jio Phone for Free ?

  • The JioPhone will be available for user testing in beta from 15th August
  • The pre-booking will start from 24th August.
  • JioPhone will be physically available to those who have pre-booked, on a first come first serve basis, September onwards.
  • Users can pre- book from the My Jio app and Jio stores.

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