4 Crazy ways to get more website traffic

4 Crazy ways to get more website traffic

4 Crazy ways to get more website traffic :-

If You have a website you just all want to have more and more traffic to your website. So here I am going to talk about my personal to get almost 0 to millions to traffic in every month. So here is the 4 Crazy ways to get more website traffic below.

Attractive Headline :

The first thing a visitor watch is the Headline or you can say the title of your website page or blog which is appeared in the search engine. If you write a attractive Headline, a normal visitor will surely click to your blog post and will read the full article.In my personal experience it is one of the best way to get more and more traffic in your website post. And you surely know more visitors means more and more revenue through your ads.

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Lengthy and Quality Article :

If you want to increase your website traffic then you should have to write a quality article a well as good lengthy article.You must need to write at least 300 words quality article to attract your visitors to stick to your blog. So write a good article and get more and more visitors and get more revenue.

Good SEO Knowledge :

Best source of website traffic is the search engine ranking and Social Media Share. So If you want to have more and more traffic then you have to need to have a great knowledge of SEO. Because if you do good SEO to You blog post it will surely help your blog page to reach to the top of the Google or any search result.And You will definitely get amount of traffic through your Search Engines.

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Google xml site map is one of the most important thing which you need to keep in mind.You surely need to submit Your sites Xml site map to Google Search Console as well as Yahoo and Bing Search Engine to get amount of traffic through Search Engines.

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You need to keep this 4 Crazy ways to get more website traffic steps to get good amount traffic and You surely know good amount of Traffic means good revenue. So do these things to get more traffic and more earning. Happy Earning..!!!

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