20 Cheaper Products and Services under GST

GST is Goods and Service Tax which starts its impact from July 1. GST is introduced by the Central Government mainly to help the Poor and Middle Class , they are going to be the most beneficial people after GST. The Central Government introduced GST with the Tag of “One Nation, One Tax One Market” which means after GST, we don’t have to pay tax to the respective state governments. But they are some of the products and items which price will be much higher or they have to pay more Tax and there some products which will cost lesser and some of them will be become Tax Free. So Here we are going to inform You about 20 Cheaper Products and Services under GST.

20 Cheaper Products and Services under GST

20 Cheaper Products and Services under GST :


  • Unpacked foodgrains,
  • unbranded atta,
  • maida,
  • besan,
  • fresh vegetables and fruits,
  • salt,
  • food at small restaurants,
  • cutlery,
  • ketchup,
  • sauces and pickle.

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Personal Care:

  • Soaps,
  • hair oil and toothpaste.

20 Cheaper Products and Services under GST

Travel and Auto:

  • Airfares for economy class travel,
  • bikes or scooters with engine capacity below 350 cc and SUVs.


  • Pressure cookers and pans.


  • Movie tickets that cost less than Rs 100.


  • Rooms at non-luxury hotels and hotels with tariffs of less than Rs 7,500.


  • Footwear and Apparels,
  • Weighing machinery,
  • UPS,
  • revenue stamps.

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These are the 20 Cheaper Products and Services under GST . You can also check out The products which will cost higher as well as the products which will cost cheaper. As The Government of India, we also want to say that Please don’t protest against GST it will surely make difference for the better future of Our Country. So we need stand with to for the betterment of new and Better India.

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