Shenmue III review

Shenmue III Review | Download

Shenmue III Review | Download

Shenmue III Review | Download: After an 18 year-long hiatus, director Yu Suzuki revives his iconic action-adventure with his latest iteration to the Shenmue series, Shenmue III. Developed Neilo and Ys Net, Shenmue III is scheduled to release on November 19, 2019. Check out Shenmue III Review below.

Shenmue (1999)and Shenmue II (2001)ranks up as one of the most expensive games to be developed which lead to a gradual commercial failure in spite of it gaining huge commendation and even attracting a cult following.

This eventually caused the third iteration to this free-roam action saga facing delays in development and seeing the project taken down.  Suzuki’s company Ys Net initiated a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 which received an exceptional response, giving life back to Ryo Hazuki’s quest.

Shenmue III Storyline

Shenmue (1999) begins in 1986 where Ryo Hazuki witnesses his father, IwaoHazuki being killed Chinese kingpin Lan Di for the dragon mirror. Ryo, instilled with rage and driven vengeance begins his quest to hunt down Lan Di. The story then proceeds as Ryo Hazuki searching throughout Yokosuka for clues leading to the whereabouts of his father’s killer. The story leads to Ryo discovering Lan Di being in Hong Kong and we see the first iteration ending with Ryo boarding a boat for Hong Kong.

Shenmue II (2001) follows in continuation with its predecessor with Ryo arriving in Hong Kong in search of Lishao Tao, who is the only possible link to Lan Di. He finds further leads in the form of Wuying Ren who is the leader of The Heavensgang that wiles Ryo initially but Ren offers assistance after discovering the worth of the phoenix mirror.

Shenmue III download

Ren and Joy assist Ryo in his quest further on as they infiltrate the Yellow Head headquarters, where he rescues Wong and Zhu from their leader Dou Niu. His search then takes him to Guilin where Lan Di to is heading.
Ryo rescues Shenhua Ling whose family has connections with the mirror and takes her to meet her father where he finds a sword and the game ends where Ryo is seen combining the phoenix mirror and the sword.

In Shenmue III, the story continues as Ryo and Shenhua set out on an adventure that takes them closer to their destiny. Lan Di returns with a new antagonist Niao Sun

Shenmue III Setting

The third iteration is set in three areas of China. It begins at the Bailu village in Guilin. The story then proceeds to Chubu, which is a riverside village with lots of shops, hotels, and temples and the final location is the third area called Baisha that is said to feature a siege game reminiscent of the Warrior Kingdoms.

Shenmue III Gameplay / Shenmue III Review

Suzuki coined a generic title for the game and called it “FREE” (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment), based on the interactivity and freedom provided to the player as he intended to achieve simulating real-life. To aspects to the game like variable weather effects, sleep systems, and day and night effects. The game in its true sense is a free-roam where the camera is set in third-person chase cam and is mingled with various mini-games and side-quests. The USP of Shenmue has always been the inclusion of classic SEGA arcade games.

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The game also incorporates the relationship mechanic where Ryo’s current relationship with the NPC would affect the conversation. Shenmue IIIadds the ability for Ryo to restore health consuming the food in the inventory. It also adds the convenience of a fully rotatable third-person cam and an option to toggle between first person and third person.
Shenmue III also brings improved weather aspects and also offer the perk of customizing Ryo’s clothing.

Shenmue III Download:

Shenmue III Download link is present in the below section. For there you can download the game.


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