MIVI Duopod M20 Review

MiVi DuoPods M20 Review

MiVi Duopods M20 Review: Wireless Earphones become a must for everyone who loves wire-free life. We already reviewed a lot of wireless earphones on our website. Here we are going to review MiVi DuoPods M20. So let’s see, is it up to the mark and value for money or not.

Box Contains:

  • A Box which contains Earphones which is also the charger
  • Warranty Information Guide
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • 2 Pairs of extra Eartips

Built Quality:

First of all the quality of the box which contains the earphone and which is also the charger, the quality of the very good. It is made of high-quality plastic which feels premium in hand. The box also comes with LED Battery integrators which show how much battery you have.

MiVi DuoPods M20 review

The Quality of the earphones is also good. It is also made of good quality plastic which made them very lightweight and premium in looks. Earphones also come with in-built touch controls.

The box also comes with a pre-attached strap which you can attach it with your bag.

Sound Quality:

The main feature of any earphone is the sound quality for which anyone wants to buy it. The sound quality of the MiVi DouPods M20 is one of the best in this price range which we have tested yet. The Highs and Lows of the earphone are really very good. And the Bass output of the earphone is good in this earphone.

The best part which I loved about this earphone is the Noise Cancellation. I personally used this earphone which traveling on trains and buses, it gives me a great Noise Cancellation while traveling.

Connecting and Pairing:

Connecting and Pairing is really easy to connect with your phone. As soon as you remove the earphones for the case, it will automatically turn on its Bluetooth and shows some color which indicates Bluetooth is turned on. And you need to connect it manually with your smartphone for the first time. The next time, it will automatically connect with your smartphone. Then You can enjoy the music and also watch videos on the go.

Comfort and Daily Usable:

It is really comfortable to wear on a daily basis. I personally listen to music continuously for almost 3hrs non-stop. And I literally forget I have something in my ear which I also really loved about it. So anyone can use it without worrying about bad feeling in the ear.


Battery thing in this earphone is different because the earphone box also contains a battery which charges the earphone. The Earphones will easily give us around 4hrs of charge. And after the use as soon as we put the earphones back in the box it automatically starts to charge the earphones.

Although the box took well time to charge it to 100%, I personally charge the box the whole night. So that I can get fully charged earphones and I can use it all day without any doubt.


MiVi Doupods M20 is priced at Rs.1899 and it is available via Flipkart. Overall sound quality is really good as per the price. The earphones will not disappoint you at all. There are some pros and cons which are mentioned below.


  • Sound Quality of the earphone
  • Built Quality
  • Battery Back-Up


  • Sometimes pairing issue
  • High Charging time
  • Price varies on Flipkart

Although the earphone is very good which reviewing this earphone we faced these pros and cons which I have mentioned. If you are planning to buy an earphone at this price then you definitely go for it. You can buy MiVi DuoPods M20 from Flipkart.

And If you have any questions, then let us know in the comments below. If you also like the MiVi DuoPods M20 review then please let us know.

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