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Jungle Scout free Trial: Jungle Scout is the number 1 choice for product research for the top Amazon Sellers. Jungle Scout offers two different integrations one is Web App and another one is Chrome Extension. By using Web App tool seller can find profitable products, spy on other sellers and deep research about the product. And by using Chrome Extension, sellers can get instant sales estimates and find the products opportunity score.

Jungle Scout offers a free trial to their first-time customers. And it also offers attractive pricing so that the customers can buy it later on. But before going for the free one, you should know that free one lots of restrictions. And lots of services that you can’t do with this version. Know the features of Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout free

But at first talk about Jungle Scout:

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an automated tool which helps Amazon FBA sellers extra features to generate more sales. Jungle Scout offers advanced features like finding low competition products, spying on other sellers and more research on the products.

Is Jungle Scout worth valuable?

Yes! Jungle Scout is a great product for Amazon FBA. It gives the sellers extra advanced features which makes them remain one step ahead of their competitors.

Why Jungle Scout is needed?

Amazon continuously changing their algorithms so that the sellers are losing their rank every day, for this their rate of sales is decreasing. To maintain or improve their rate of sales, the FBA seller needed a tool and Jungle Scout is one of the best in this industry.

Best features of Jungle Scout:

  • Amazon Product Research,
  • Amazon Competitor Tracking,
  • Amazon Keyword Research,
  • Amazon Listing Optimization,
  • Amazon Conversion rate optimization,
  • Amazon Product launches & SEO

Why Jungle Scout?

Yes! It is one of the best questions why Jungle Scout, because of lots of other tools available in the market. It is different from others because of its unique features like Competitor Tracking and Listing Optimization.


Jungle Scout also is known for its attractive pricing. So if you want to buy then you can buy for a monthly subscription price of $25 starting. You can also purchase for a long time. Because if you take a subscription for a long time then you will get an extra discount. But before buying it first know what is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout Free Trial:

If you have the money to purchase the paid version then you can go for the trial version. But with the trial version, you will get lots of restrictions to use any of the special features.


If you talk about my recommendation then I will recommend you to buy the basic version of $25 for at least once. I’m also sure that you will not regret at all. Jungle Scout will prove its value and will give a new height to your Amazon FBA seller Career.

Here is the link of the trial version below.


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