How to become Unacademy Educator?

How to be an Unacademy Educator [New Process]?

How to be an Unacademy Educator [New Process]?

Unacademy is India’s one of the best platforms to learn from here. But not also for learning from here. It is also a really good platform for teachers and educators. If you love to teach students and also want to share your knowledge all over India. Then Unacademy is the best platform that you can check out. But from March 2020, Unacademy changed their process to be an educator on their platform. Here in this article, I have shared How to be an Unacademy Educator completely new process after March 2020.

But before dive into the deep, let’s discuss some important things which you should know before joining Unacademy as an Educator.

What’s Unacademy?

How to be an Unacademy Educator

Unacademy is India’s one of the leading Educational platform available online. There are other brands like Byus is also available but Unacademy is more popular. Because it has both Paid and Free versions. That’s why students love to prefer it more.

One of the best thing about Unacademy is it give a chance to anyone who wants to teach on their platform. And they also pay really well for it. So if you are a freelance educator then it would be a great chance for you to be on that platform and share your knowledge and earn a handsome amount of money each month.

Teaching Process of Unacademy:

Before March 2020, Unacademy had a recorded class option. With that, anyone can teach on the platform with the recorded class which was really great. But after March 2020, they completely changed the process and launched 100% Live class on the platform.

So if you want to join their platform as an Educator, you have to take Live classes from there. So let me you tell you in the beginning, if you are not comfortable with Live thing then please don’t try this at all. Because you need to take class live on their platform and at least 20 Class each month to have an active educator status which really meant a lot.

Types of Educator on Unacademy:

There are basically two types of educators on Unacademy.

  • Special Class Educator.
  • Plus Member Educator.

Here in this post, we are going to talk about Special Class Educator. But believe me, if you can able to Plus Educator then you will be awesome. Now discuss the process to be a Special Educator, we will discuss the process Plus Educator later on another post.

What is Special Educator?

Special Educator is one of the types of Educator on Unacademy whom class can be watched anyone for free. So if you become a Special Educator then your classes can be watched for free. But don’t worry you be paid for your hard work and they will pay you a good amount.

Download Unacademy Educator App:

The first process is to download the Unacademy Educator App from the Google Play Store if you are on Android or from the Apple store if you are using an iPhone. The app download link is below.

After downloading the app, You need to create your account with your email id and name. After confirming the phone number and email. The main process begins which is a bit tricky.


Creating 3 Min Demo:

After creating an account, you need to create a 3 Min demo session on the platform with your smartphone itself. Here you need to upload either PDF, PPT, or Handwritten notes. And you need to describe or you can say to need to teach for 3mins using those notes. But make sure you follow these processes before submitting the demo.

After submitting the demo of 3 mins class, the system will show you on which number you are in according to the waiting state. Like You are behind 500 people or like that.

After creating a Demo, two things can happen to you.

  • Your demo can be rejected. In that case, you can reply again with the instruction they will give you. But it recommended following these steps to get selected the first time.
  • The second thing is the good news that you are selected. Yeah!!! But don’t be so happy here because a lot is waiting for you now.

Submit KYC:

After you are Demo selection, you need to submit your KYC documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and Cancelled Check or Bank Passbook first page to them. Then, the team, Unacademy will verify these documents. So make sure, an educator needs to more than 18 years with these mention documents ready.

After KYC process completion, other new things are waiting for you.

Create 5 Lessons:

After your KYC process and after all the information filled on the platform, you need to upload 5 demo classes of 15mins on their platform with similar kind of notes you shared with them while 3 mins demo test.

But please make sure in these 5 lessons, You have to confident while teaching and voice also matter a lot. So record these classes in a really clam atmosphere with less background noise. As you are recording these classes from your smartphone so make you use earphones better audio quality.

Because if you can’t able to perform here in a good way then becoming an Unacademy Educator for you will impossible. Because you will not able to any new account on the platform again because your KYC is verified with them. So if you fail here then the journey ends here for you.

So after you upload those 5 classes on their platform, you need to tell them about it with their awesome Educator support team.

Google Form Fill-Up:

If you are good enough with your 5 Recorded sessions, the Unacademy team will provide you a Google Form which is really very very very important for you. You need to make sure you filled it correctly. They mostly ask about the following information.

  • What’s is Educational History?
  • Do you give any competitive exams and you rank on it that you want to teach?
  • Do you have any teaching experiences or not?
  • Why do you want to become an Educator here?

These are the basic information you need to provide them. After you filled up these forms, they will analyze all your records. And if they need you or you are enough eligibles for it, then you will be called them.

Final Test:

This is the most important part of March 2020. To give this test you need to qualify these basic criteria if you have these things then you are eligible for the test. The test is basically about your internet connection which needs to be really fast and your audio also needs to good. You can check these criteria here so that you will be selected them on the first attempt.

After you pass the test yuppie, you are now an Educator on the Unacademy platform. Now you can teach here

Quick Summary:

  • You must have a love for teaching.
  • You must have 18 years or more.
  • You have a smartphone to apply.
  • You must have a Laptop for giving Tests. Check details of the test from here.

If you have the above things then you can apply today downloading the Unacademy Educator App.


Unacademy is a really good platform for a teacher to teach and earn living from it. But believe me, if you get rejected them. Don’t worry there are a lot of good platforms available in the market, you try those platforms also.

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