Best tips for 3 mins demo on Unacademy

Best tips for 3 mins demo on Unacademy

Best tips for 3 mins demo on Unacademy

The 3 mins demo session is the first thing you do on the Unacademy platform after creating Educator Account. But after submitting that session you can see a huge of Educators already given tests. But believe me, more than 95% of them get rejected on that first attempt.

There are lots of people who tired the process for more than 10-15 times with the same result again and again. Because they repeated do the same mistake again and again. But most of them can’t able to understand their mistakes, although Unacademy sends mail regarding this.

Here I’m going to give you secret tips following these, you can sure qualify in the first attempt. These tips guide you to avoid these commons mistakes.

How to give a Demo of 3 mins?

After creating an account and verifying your phone number and email, you have to give a demo of 3mins. You easily give those demo using your smartphone where you need to upload some notes. You need to teach from that note.

Here people started to make mistakes like the following:

  • Format of Note
  • Bad Visual of Notes¬†
  • Environment
  • Lack of Quality

These 3 are the most annoying mistakes almost everyone does. But after my tips, you would surely avoid those mistakes.

Format of Note:

Unacademy will give 3 types of options to choose from and you need to upload any of the following types.

These are the three types of notes:

  1. PDF
  2. PPT
  3. Hand Written

These are the 3 types of choice you have. But most people chose Hand Written one and started to make mistakes. So let’s analyze those mistakes.

Bad Choice of Paper

People often made this mistake as they choose to write on this kind of copy attached below.

How to become Unacademy Educator?

But please don’t do that if you write on this kind of paper within a second you will be disqualified. So make sure you write on a white A4 Sheet which is the best option to go for.

Choice of ink:

Yes! It also matters a lot if you are creating handwritten notes. People often create notes with one or two ink pens like Black and Blue. That is one of the biggest mistakes.

So make sure you use more than 3 ink pens line Red, Blue, Black, or Green. But if you can afford sketch pens then that will be best for you.

Poor Handwriting:

So frankly if you have bad handwriting like me then you should not try the Handwritten notes process. You should go to the PPT/PDF way. Because in the end, you need a laptop for taking class.

Tips of PPT/PDF:

In one word try to make it as simple as you can. Don’t over-design it. Just make that simple and informative one.

Bad Visual of Notes:

For Handwritten notes, I already give to the tips. Now comes to those who want to do the PPT/PDF way. People often do this mistake that they went for good design skills and completely messed up with the notes and created an awful styled note.

For this why a lot of times people get rejected. And after trying a lot they just failed again and again.


While recording the demo session, please make sure you are in a calm and quiet place. And try to avoid outside noise as much as you can. Because frankly speaking outside noise degrades the quality of the session very badly. For Unacademy, quality matters a lot.

So make sure you sit into a quiet place while recording the demo session of 3 mins on Unacademy.

Lack of Quality:

The quality of education and teaching methods matters the most. If you fumble a lot in the 3 mins demo then there is no chance to get selected. So you need to work on your self to have a good attitude towards teaching.

If you have that passion in you, then you can stop you to be successful. So before giving a demo prepare your self. And you can also change and try hell a lot of times before submitting it. So give you the best short then submit.


All these above mention points are based on my experiences on Unacademy. I also failed the first time while giving the demo due to my bad handwriting. So make sure you follow these above steps. I’m sure you will be successful on your first attempt.

But if you made any mistakes apart from these then they will know you so follow the steps and you be successful. After that you need to follow these steps, so make sure you follow these properly.

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