Nokia 3310 Review in India,Know these before Buy

Nokia made their come back in MWC 2017 with some of their smartphone and their old nostalgia Nokia 3310.Finally Nokia 3310 available in India for sale offline stores and surprisingly it is selling like hot cakes all over the country.So here we are going to review Nokia 3310 in India.Nokia 3310 review is based on important categories below.

Nokia 3310 Review:

Nokia 3310 Review
Nokia 3310 Display

Nokia 3310 comes with 2.4-Inch QVGA (240 x 320 pixels)display.The display performance well according to the Nokia’s Standard but overall it is not so good enough display according to the pricing.

Design and Built:
Nokia 3310 Design and Built
Nokia 3310 Design and Built

If we talk about the design and built,Nokia bring some major changes on device and the device looks awesome with its new design and built.And the device is also feels pretty good in hands.

Nokia 3310 Camera
Nokia 3310 Camera

One of the major changes of the device is the rear camera.This time Nokia puts 2MP rear camera on the device.And If we talk abou the d camera performance,it is pretty decent as we can expect from a 2MP camera.

Overall Performance:
Nokia 3310 Camera
Nokia 3310 Performance

If we talk about the overall performance of the device,it performance really well in normal day to day usage.

Snake Game:
Nokia 3310 Snake Game
Nokia 3310 Snake Game

Snake Game is one of the main reason behind Nokia 3310’s love for all.Nokia also puts the snake game this time also.But this time the game comes with really cool graphics.

Nokia 3310 Battery
Nokia 3310 Battery

Battery life one of the best features of Old Nokia 3310 and keeping it in Mind Nokia remains the same feature again.This Nokia 3310’s battery life is also great and it can easily give you more than One days battery back up in normal usage.

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If We keep this things and pros of the device,we can see many features which needs improvement and as well as some features that’s are missing like the device has only 2G connectivity and it is priced at Rs,3310/- which is pretty high.If we talk about Indian Market,You could easily get many good devices at this price even Reliance Jio is going to launch 4G VoLTE feature phones under Rs.1000/-

Although If you want to experience Nokia again,You could definitely go for this device,surly the device can’t disappoint you at any point but you only need to keep the pricing out of your mind.


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